In the early 1970's, Andy Beaumont teamed up with Malcolm Budd , Mick Flowerdew and Laurie Barnes to set up the Rub A Dub Jug Band. All the band members worked at the Marine Science Labs, a department of the University College of North Wales, Bangor, and the band had a resident weekly night at the Auckland Arms pub in Menai Bridge on Anglesey between 1974 and 1980.


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Malcolm and Andy were the lead singers on most of the songs the band performed, with Mick providing his special brand of vocals on songs like Masculine Women, Carolina and Take back the heart. Malcolm played banjo, mandolin banjo, and penny whistle. Andy played guitar, kazoo and fiddle. Mick played wooden washboard, spoons and tambourine.  Later Ken Parkes replaced Laurie as harmonica and jug player, and for a few months Dr Jug (Andy's brother Geoff from the renowned The Ginger Jug Band) joined in the band as well.!

During the 1970s various recordings of the band were made. These recordings were made at live gigs and pub sessions using the domestic stereo equipment that was available at the time. The quality of these original recordings reflect this by being rather variable. However, Brer Rabbit Productions in conjunction with Osiris-AG have released an ARCHIVE CD compilation of these recordings. The old tapes have been digitally restored to bring them back from oblivion. The ARCHIVE CD makes fascinating listening. The fun and spontaneity that was the hallmark of the Rub A Dub Jug Band is all there.

... Listen and enjoy

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