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Track Name Venue Track Name Venue
1 Been in the Pen so long PBC 11 Billy the Kid SU
2 Borneo bay PBC 12 Masculine women G
3 St James' infirmary PBC 13 Ukelele lady G
4 Coney Island washboard PBC 14 My bucket's got a hole G
5 Beedle um bum PBC 15 Eyesight to the blind G
6 Make it to the woods PBC 16 Carolina G
7 I'm a stranger here SU 17 Skin game G
8 Sadie Green SU 18 Take back the heart G
9 Hurry on down G 19 Going to German G
10 Blues in the bottle G 20 Memphis jug blues WL


Key to Venue codes..
PBC = Pen Bryn Coch, Anglesey, 1978
G = live recordings at the Glanrafon pub in Bangor, 1978
SU = Bangor University Students Union recording, 1980
WL = White Lion, Beaumaris, Anglesey 1976 

The Players...

Malcolm Budd - 5-string banjo, mandolin banjo, penny whistle and vocals
Andy Beaumont - guitar, fiddle, kazoo and vocals
Mick Flowerdew - wooden washboard, spoons, tambourine, kazoo and vocals
Ken Parkes - jug and harmonica

2002 Osiris AG & RDJ