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Special thanks to "Big" Pete Collins for the following four pictures taken during Broadstairs Folk Week 2000

Ginger Jug 2000....

The Refried Ginger Jug Band " get up and get down " at the Barnaby Rudge pub during Broadstairs Folk Week August 2000.

Geoff Beaumont, Gideon Payne, Rick Harper, Tony Petto, Andy Beaumont.

Geoff Beaumont, Gideon Payne, Tony Petto.. Geoff and Tony appeared on the original Ginger Jug Band Album.
Andy Beaumont blows his Jug.
Refried Ginger Jug with full complement.

Geoff Beaumont, Gideon Payne, Tony Petto, Tom Beaumont, Rick Harper, Jayne Petto Andy Beaumont, as usual no one can see Rick.

Thanks to Kenn Wards for the following pictures from Broadstairs Folk Week 2000

Late Club Broadstairs Folk Week 2000.

The trouble was that every time Tony thumped the Bass drum, it moved a couple more inches into the audience...

... and a BIG thank you to all those that helped solve the problem with the Bass drum!
Geoff would give his left arm to be ambidextrous.
A picture of Rick Harper... at last.

2000 Osiris-AG & GJB