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..the old folks started it..

Thirty three years in the making.. and well worth the wait.. In 1972 The Ginger Jug Band recorded their first album and we all thought ..oh well, I guess that's it. But, no it's finally happened a new album, and a fine album it is. You have probably read on this web-site of the recent "rise" of the Refried Ginger Jug Band, well with the new album they are no longer "refried" so it was decided to release the album under the original name.. The Ginger Jug band.. 

The Ginger Jug Band .. 2006..

Tony Petto.. Vocals, Kazoo, Guitar, drum.. yeah just one..

Jayne Petto.. Vocals..

Geoff Beaumont.. 5 and 7 String Banjos, Guitar, mandolin, Whistle, Jug, Vocals..

Andy Beaumont.. Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals..

Rick Harper..  Washboard Brushes, Vocals, Jug.. 

Gideon Payne.. Harmonica..

A new album.. so I guess they aren't "refried" anymore.. It all sounds pretty "well done" to me ..  (ed. 2006)

The album was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Gordon Thrussel at Courtfield Studio in Ashford. Which is remarkable.. Gordon recorded the original Ginger Jug Band back in '72!!!

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1, Canned Heat.

2, She done sold it.

3, The old folks started it.

4, Make it to the woods.

5, Mule.

6, Ginger man

7, Rising sun blues.

8, Hard hearted Hannah.


9, New Delhi freight train.

10, My bucket's got a hole in it.

11, Smart woman.

12, Diamond ring.

13, Make it fit.

14, San Francisco Bay blues.

15, All worn out.


..the old folks started it..

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